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Meet Our Community

Hangling Liu '19
  • Storyteller

"When you are given the kind of support I received at Country Day, you really cherish how much that has meant to your own development."

Aaron Mize
  • Why I Teach

"I love Country Day for its 'What if?' factor. I love that I can have an idea and I can go to my department head and the answer is always 'let’s explore that.'”

Anna Scott
  • Why I Teach

"The relationships our teachers build extends well beyond the year a child is in our class. Our students receive an excellent education and an incredible support system."

Dr. Yven Destin
  • Why I Teach

"It’s a great day teaching when a student smiles and realizes that they had the capability of grasping a concept that is very difficult."

Josh Porter '24
  • Builder and Coach

"I am so proud of Josh for sharing his passion and expertise to help others find their passion. His enthusiasm is contagious and is more than inspiring."

Annie Giarla-Carr
  • Why I Teach

"My kindergartners take their books home to share with their parents, then come back the next day so proud that they can actually read. I love to see those 'aha moments.'"

Tony Nguyen ’18
  • Sharing Expertise

"The amount of effort you put in results in the impact of the payoff you receive.” 

Emery Tillman '30
  • Budding Actor

"Emery is truly such a light on our stage and around our campus. It is an honor to teach such inspiring students like him."

Bina Neumann
  • Why I Teach

"We’ve created a culture at the Middle School that mistakes are part of the learning process, and it is what makes us better human beings."