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Meet Our Community

Andy Nicoletti, Fourth-Grade Lead Teacher
  • How I Teach

You don’t get into teaching if you don’t love working with kids. Seeing them learn something new or figure out something that has challenged them is highly rewarding."

Kelly Patterson
  • How I Teach

I want students to feel comfortable in my class, so I listen to them. I trust them. I support them even when they doubt themselves. I want them to know it’s OK to take risks."

PingCui, Upper School Chinese
  • How I Teach

The kids at Country Day are all very sweet. I love seeing their faces every day. They are happy when they come into my classroom and they’re happy when they leave."

Sammy Ferris ’18
  • Alumni

Sammy taught my students how fun and exciting it can be to design your own learning experience outside the classroom."

Joanna Papadeas '25 and Sofia Saye '25
  • Bucs Super Fan

His smiles, hugs, and dances brighten my every day. He is the biggest community builder at this school and makes friends with all the athletes and coaches."

Chelsea Evans, Upper School math teacher
  • How I Teach

It seems like every day something inspires me that I can tie into my classroom to keep the content fresh and engaging—I know math content can be dry!"

Ian Dennis, Eighth-Grade English
  • How I Teach

Teaching English gives me a daily opportunity to share my love of words, literature, and writing with young people."

Robin Garner, Upper School Music
  • How I Teach

One of the special things about teaching choir is that I may have a student for all four years, so I get to experience their growth and see how they mature."