About Our School

We are a strong institution with a long history of forward thinking.

At Charlotte Country Day School, we offer students and their families an unsurpassed opportunity to prepare for the future—an opportunity grounded in the strength of tradition and shaped by generations of visionary leaders.

Here, you’ll find a profound commitment to lifelong learning, hands-on experiences, individualized attention, and a caring, inclusive community. You’ll find teachers, coaches, administrators, and advisors eager to work in close partnership. Most important, you’ll find a dynamic, comprehensive educational experience, one that cultivates each student’s intellectual, social, physical, emotional, and creative qualities.

Legacy of Firsts

Historical school bus

In 1941, Country Day’s founding headmaster, Dr. Thomas Burton, brought a new concept in education to Charlotte. Considered an original and progressive educator by his peers, Dr. Burton believed passionately in the value of independent day schools, and quickly rallied some of Charlotte’s most prominent leaders around his vision.

For more than 75 years, Country Day has continued to build on our long legacy of firsts among the Charlotte region’s independent schools, introducing groundbreaking programs and progressive ideas.

Country Day Firsts




Country Day is the only independent school in the region to have a separate campus for Middle School students. From vocal and instrumental music to single-gender math classes, the curriculum is designed to support students during these transitional years.

Acorn Icon


The acorn has a special place in our school seal for a very important reason. An acorn only appears on a fully mature oak tree; therefore, it is considered a symbol of the patience needed to attain goals over a long period of time. It represents perseverance and hard work. Just as it takes water, sun, and air for an acorn to grow into a strong tree, it takes the care and commitment of dedicated teachers, coaches, and parents over many years to help our students grow into fine young adults. The acorn symbolizes the intentional way in which our students are Country Day Ready.