Physical Education

Country Day’s physical education requirement encourages students to experience the benefits and enjoyment of physical activity and to discover the value of personal wellness as part of daily living. An outcome of the program should be that students begin to make responsible and thoughtful decisions relative to their personal health habits and practices in high school, college, and throughout their lives. Students must complete two or more PE activities per year. These may include participation on a Country Day sports team, participation in a Country Day theatre production, or one or more of the following PE offerings.

Course Descriptions

Ultimate Frisbee

Students of all levels of experience are welcome to play Ultimate Frisbee. The team practices three days a week with a focus on learning the basics. The program’s goals include learning throwing techniques, proper defense, motion offense, and other game strategies. The team has several scrimmages against local teams during the winter term.


This course meets three times a week for 75 minutes. Classes fluctuate between basic yoga to more advanced power yoga techniques. The class focuses on stretching, strengthening, and expanding your physical limitations and becoming more attuned to your mind, body, and spirit.

Alternative Physical Education

Options for alternative PE credit include sports training out of season, athletic programs followed outside of school, use of personal trainers, and more.

Pre-season Conditioning

Pre-season conditioning opportunities are provided for the athlete who is serious about his or her conditioning program and participates on at least one Country Day athletic team. Conditioning meets four times per week and includes concentrated workouts to enhance the student’s opportunity to perform at the highest level. Workouts contain sport-specific stretching and agility exercises and provide a strong base for strength and cardiovascular development.

Basic Athletic Training

Prerequisite: Anatomy for Sports Medicine (see description in Sciences) and permission of instructor
Basic Athletic Training is offered to those students who are interested in the acute care of athletic injuries. An introduction to sports medicine and athletic training is followed by Red Cross certification in CPR/AED as well as American Red Cross certification in First Aid. Emphasis is placed on the prevention, evaluation, and immediate care for common injuries and conditions found in athletics. Information regarding proper nutrition and conditioning for athletic participation is also covered. 

Practicum in Sports Medicine

Prerequisite: Basic Athletic Training, permission of instructor
The Sports Medicine Practicum is designed to give students hands-on experience in the field of athletic training. Students report to the training room to assist the sports medicine staff and are given assignments and tasks based on their level of experience.