Middle School Curriculum

A rotating class schedule with seven class periods—including physical education every day—offers active engagement for students’ developing minds. An important part of the Middle School student’s experience is a growing understanding of both internal and external worlds. Students also learn study and productivity skills for success in Middle School and beyond.

  • Technology supports learning in every discipline as Middle School students build a strong foundation and prepare for the challenges of Upper School.
  • Math is a strong focus for Middle School students, and separate classes for boys and girls provide an environment where students can excel.
  • Our comprehensive Middle School fine arts program provides an important outlet for creativity and self-expression during these critical transition years.
  • Our two dozen Middle School sports teams and our award-winning physical education program build athletic abilities, teamwork, and life-balance skills.

Curriculum by Grade Level

Advisory Program

The Advisory Program is an important part of the Middle School experience. Each student is assigned a faculty advisor and is a member of an advisory group that meets daily. The advisor provides academic and personal guidance, while the advisory group forms a supportive unit. Advisors become mentors and advocates for their students and are an important communication link between the school and the parents. Close bonds typically develop between advisor and advisee that remain well beyond the Country Day years.