Lower School

Junior Kindergarten–Fourth Grade

Lower School students outdoors

The important first years of a child’s education form the foundation for future success in every aspect of life. Country Day gives preschool aged through fourth grade students a balanced and challenging program where confidence, talent, friendship, and individuality flourish. Here, students become strong, independent thinkers, guided by expert teachers who encourage their natural curiosity and help them master essential skills.

Each day in Lower School is filled with remarkable opportunities and experiences.

As a member of the Country Day Lower School community, each student:

  • Helps build a class of compassionate, respectful, thoughtful students who value and learn from each other.
  • Conducts hands-on experiments in a dedicated Lower School science laboratory.
  • Learns healthy habits in our award-winning daily physical education program.
  • Begins to study French and Spanish in junior kindergarten and kindergarten.
  • Grows in confidence through public speaking, theatrical productions, and research presentations.
  • Creates a welcoming environment and helps visitors and new students feel at home.
  • Plays an active role in service projects that teach the importance of acceptance, integrity, cooperation, and fairness.

Coding is increasingly being viewed as a new 'literacy,' a skill so vital to understanding the world that many argue all students should master it—just like reading, writing, and math. I love working at a school that is looking critically at our computer science curriculum and thinking long-term about how to integrate engineering, design, thinking, and coding/computer programming skills into our program in meaningful ways.

Joe Hernick, Director of Educational Technology

Integrated Curriculum

A balanced, inquiry-based Lower School curriculum ensures that each student has the opportunity to master core knowledge, competencies, and technical skills. Many studies and activities take students outside the regular classroom. 


Extraordinary Opportunities

ERB Testing: What Parents Need to Know

Parents in grades 3-8 will soon receive ERB test results. Lower School Director of Studies Ashley Johnston shares what you need to know about ERBs, what they are, and what you can do.

"Reading Teaches Empathy" and Other Lessons from Matt de la Pena

The 2016 Newbery Award Winner for "Last Stop on Market Street" visited Country Day and delivered meaningful and humorous lessons on his own journey from a reluctant reader to a bestselling author. He spoke with Middle and Lower School students, as well as 350 guests from five Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.