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The Next Generation of Excellence


From global interconnectedness, to shifting demographics, to ever accelerating technological advances, the world our graduates will inherit is changing at an unprecedented rate. And so we must ask, how do we best prepare the next generation for college and beyond? How do we get them ready for life?

Our four shared visions ensure that embedded within the curriculum and core academic programming our students are also learning necessary skills like critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration, resiliency, initiative, strong written and oral communication, and the ability to access and analyze information. Our programs and technology will continue to expand the classroom beyond our campuses and create opportunities to comprehend the wider world and lead by example.

For nearly 75 years, Country Day has led the way in education. We honor tradition and embrace change. While our shared visions will guide our decisions in the coming years, they are also, in many ways, a reflection of the ideals and values we have ascribed to over time—instilling excellence in our graduates has been and will continue to be our mission.

Shared Visions

Preparing Students to Lead and Thrive in a Changing World

  • Maintain the highest standards of academic rigor through teachers who are well-prepared and well-equipped to support students and challenge them to achieve their very best.
  • Inspire the development of critical thinking, resiliency, and problem-solving skills through academics, the arts, and athletics.
  • Use technology, experiential learning, and collaboration to foster innovation and creativity both within and beyond classroom walls.
  • Attract and enroll a student body that is multicultural in scope and innovative in spirit.
  • Create experiences and opportunities that lead to cultural awareness and encourage relationships across cultural lines.
  • Facilitate opportunities for students and faculty to engage in and comprehend the wider world.
  • Support a culture of excellence through regular evaluation of all school programs.

Instilling Personal Integrity and Well-being

  • Cultivate a community that is shaped by genuine respect for individual differences and that values inclusivity, equity, and compassion.
  • Promote the fundamental importance of health and well-being in a balanced, fulfilling life.
  • Foster a climate where all members of the community can safely learn and grow.
  • Instill a lifelong desire in each student to contribute to the greater good, both locally and globally.
  • Encourage service and leadership by example.

Inspiring a Love of Learning Through Exceptional Faculty and Staff

  • Recruit, retain, develop, and support a diverse faculty and staff who are passionately committed to creating meaningful learning experiences for each student.
  • Provide faculty and staff opportunities and resources to fully support their professional development and education.
  • Maintain competitive compensation package for faculty and staff.

Creating a Distinctive and Sustainable Learning Environment

  • Ensure financial sustainability through prudent fiscal management.
  • Inspire charitable giving to ensure minimal tuition increases.
  • Strengthen community and programs through investment in thoughtfully designed, environmentally responsible facilities.

Board Led.
Community Involved.
Student Focused.

The Strategic Planning process began in fall 2011. We began by asking questions. We asked the Country Day community about our most valued qualities and traditions, our priorities for the future, and how a fast-changing world affects those priorities. Then we listened. The collective insight, intelligence, and imagination of our community affirmed the qualities we value most about Country Day and helped shape four shared visions focused on preparing students for the world.

Visions in Action

In August 2014, students in grades 3–12 began to receive school-issued personal computing devices. By blending the best elements of traditional teaching—strong student/teacher relationships—with the inventive nature of digital learning, we help further student understanding and deepen connections.

Through relationships initiated with several public charter schools, including Sugar Creek Charter and KIPP, and a concerted effort to hire and retain a diverse group of educators who look more like the world our students will enter, we are enriching our community through greater diversity of talent and ethnicity.

In order to fully support innovative and creative academic programming, a five-year Master Facilities Plan was approved by the Board of Trustees in May 2014. The plan recognizes the need for flexible learning and gathering spaces, supporting STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), and addressing students’ well-being in all aspects of student life.

A financial sustainability model has been developed to support the educational programming necessary to prepare students for college and beyond. Through prudent fiscal management and generous philanthropic support, the school has been able to minimize tuition increases, even while the cost of delivering an exceptional education continues to rise.

Charlotte Country Day School
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