Each classroom in the Lower School includes two teachers who provide an inquiry-based curriculum in addition to a strong language arts and math program. Classes in the arts (visual, music, dance, and theater), science, computer technology, foreign languages (French and Spanish), information literacy, and physical education are also offered and taught by specialists. Guest speakers, visiting performers and artists, and curriculum-related field trips help expand children's knowledge and help them grow in awareness, expression, and appreciation. We believe knowledge is a multi-faceted experience.

Units of Inquiry

Each grade level completes four units of inquiry during a school year, each lasting approximately four to six weeks. The units provide opportunities for students to apply and use skills learned in other curricular areas and formulate questions and investigate important aspects of history, geography, economics, environmental science, literature and the arts, and technology. Each unit is based on a central idea that is key to understanding the world in which we all live.

Teachers ensure students learn appropriate research skills to expand their knowledge, to gather, collate, organize and present data, and to draw conclusions and make connections with other knowledge. Special area and classroom teachers work together to ensure these units of inquiry cross many subject areas and maximize opportunities for students to make connections across and between disciplines.

Our ultimate goal is for our students to become independent learners and develop a curiosity that motivates them to work at the highest academic levels.