How to Apply

For a student to have a valuable experience in the IB Diploma Program, they must demonstrate academic readiness and personal values that align with the mission of IB.  An application process exists to examine whether or not students are a "good fit" for IB.  There is no cap for IB; all qualified students are admitted to the program.

Admission to our IB program occurs during the third quarter of sophomore year. The student application is comprised of three parts:

  1. One short essay written by the applicant
  2. The applicant's transcript
  3. Teacher recommendations (from all core academic areas and the advisor)

These components are reviewed anonymously by an admissions committee consisting of IB faculty.  Admissions decisions are released prior to Spring Break and come in three categories:

  1. Admission to IB (not binding- a student is not forced to pursue IB)
  2. Rejection (the student cannot pursue IB but can pursue other Country Day courses)
  3. Provisional admission: for students with IB potential but also some concerns.  The student will be registered as IB and the IB coordinator will re-evaluate the student in June to confirm admission to IB. (also not binding- a student is not forced to pursue IB)