IB Diploma

The ultimate goal of all IB Diploma students is to earn the prestigious IB Diploma.  The IB Diploma is based on completion of the IB core and assessments from all IB courses and is awarded in July after Country Day graduation.  Colleges and universities worldwide recognize earning the IB diploma as a significant achievement and often award college credit for IB coursework.  IB Diploma recipients from Country Day have matriculated to fine colleges and universities (see the Preparing for College tab). 

Approximately 78-80% of IB students worldwide earn the IB Diploma annually.  Country Day has beaten the NC, USA, and worldwide Diploma pass rate multiple times in the past five years.

Assessment in IB based on students meeting worldwide standards and involves both work carried out during IB courses and materials sent to IB examiners.  Students are scored in each subject on a 1-7 scale (with 7 being the highest).  Mulitple assessments lead to a final score; for example, an IB English score is based on a major paper, a two-part exam, and two oral presentations.  A minimum of 24 points is required to earn the IB diploma (subject to certain minimum levels of performance across the whole program). Students can also be awarded up to three additional points for their combined results on Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay.  The highest total that a Diploma Program student can be awarded is 45 points.