How do I apply for IB?
Admission to our IB program occurs during the third quarter of sophomore year. The student application includes a short essay, their transcript, and teacher recommendations. An admissions committee consisting of IB faculty will consider all applications anonymously and release admissions decisions prior to Spring Break.  See the "Applying to IB" tab for more information.

How many students choose IB?
Typically, about 20-30 students per grade or about 20-25%.  There is not a set size for IB and the numbers do vary year-to-year.

Do I only take IB classes?
No. During junior year only about half of your classes are IB and there is often room during senior year for non-IB classes.  There will be some flexibility in your schedule.

What classes should I take before my junior year?
Our Country Day curriculum in grades 9 and 10 does prepare students for all possible courses in grades 11 and 12 (college prep, honors, AP, or IB). There is not a specific "pre-IB" track but a challenging, well-rounded course of study is recommended.

Do colleges recognize IB?
Yes, colleges and universities worldwide respect students who successfully complete the IB Diploma Program.  IB alumni have both the knowledge and skills to succeed at the next the level.  See the "Preparing for College" tab for more information.

Is there an additional cost for the IB program?
Country Day pays for the majority of costs associated with the program, however, students are asked to pay for their exams just as they are asked to pay for Advanced Placement exams. The full cost of IB exams is $886 for the May 2018 session.  Financial aid may be available for those who qualify.

What if IB is not for me?
A Country Day student has a rich array of choices including IB, AP, Honors, and college prep courses.  Students should choose the academic program that best matches them and allows them to challenge themselves without being overwhelmed.